FLAG St Albans
Folly Lane Allotment Group
Finding your way around the Site

Club House: please feel free to use the Club House located on plot 30. It is always a good place to shelter when it rains or somewhere to take a break, drink a cup of tea, meet other plot holders, read a selection of gardening magazines, etc.

Children’s Play Area and BBQ site: located alongside the club house, complete with toys , wildlife pond and summer barbeque area.

Fires: the Council permit Bonfires in winter only. Please keep your use of bonfires to a minimum to avoid annoying neighbours. Above all NEVER leave a bonfire unattended or smouldering overnight when you go home.

Gates: Entry to the site is by two gates, both on Folly Lane. The lower gate is the one near the BP garage. Both gates should be locked at all times. Please make particular care that you have locked them when you leave in the evening. Vandalism and fly tipping are frequently opportunistic so shutting the gates DOES make a difference. The Council will provide you with a key.

Leaf and Woodchip piles: FLAG arranges for these to be supplied by the Council contractors. Leaves are very useful as mulch or as compost as they conserve water. Please use this resource appropriately; do NOT Ieave rubbish on the leaf piles

Notice Board: Next to the steel shed and available for both FLAG and Council notices.

Plot Signs: FLAG has made sign posts for every member's plot. This involved a great deal of work but we hope it will save misunderstandings with the Council as to whose plot is cultivated and whose not. Please help keep it in place and visible!

Paths: it is the shared responsibility of both tenants to maintain the paths between plots. This is part of your tenancy agreement with the Council. The main, larger paths are the council's responsibility and it is their contractors who cut the grass. It is important to keep the main paths clear of any obstructions, anything left on them will prevent the contractors from mowing. (Heaps of stones, bits of old carpet etc. damage their machinery).

Rubbish: compost all your bio-degradable rubbish but avoid any meat scraps from the kitchen (Rats!). Any other green waste (brambles, woody stems, etc.) should be tipped onto the long heap s. One is at the edge of the site, next to the houses on the hill into town. The other is by the southern hedge adjacent to Folly Lane - please throw everything WELL BACK, so nothing falls on the path. Other rubbish (metal, etc) should be saved for the skip which will be sited near the lower gate twice a year for a few days each time.

Sharing - social Saturdays: as the Council do only minimal maintenance we organise occasional work parties, usually the first Saturday of every month, except during winter. If each of us gives just 1 hour a year we can keep the place tidier and more secure. Jobs involve tree trimming, shaping leaf piles etc. Refreshments are always available in the Club House to help you recover and meet new friends!

Soil: Generally slightly alkaline, being largely gravelly loam over chalk - easy to dig but drying out rapidly in summer. It is important to get as much organic matter as you can into the soil to retain water. (See note about leaf pile.) Avoid treading on soil when it is wet and sticky.

Site stewarding: Our Site Steward is always in touch with the council regarding our site. If you have concerns about site matters it is best if you check with one of the FLAG committee members first as the council may already be scheduled to do something about it. Any leaking taps should be reported as soon as possible, and not to the council, as we have plot plumbers available to deal with leaks swiftly.

Steel Community shed: situated next to plot 58 and used only for storing valuable stuff that has to be kept under lock and key. Please do not clutter the shed as space is at a premium. Do make sure that your items are clearly labelled or it will be assumed that stuff has been abandoned and it will be removed. If you need keys for the steel shed Bob keeps a communal set (plot 57).

Surplus Table: found behind the steel shed and for everyone to use. Please - leave any pots, plants, fruit, vegetables etc. that you do not require but which be useful to someone else - help yourself to any items there you could use!

Treasure: the site is near the Roman road running from Verulamium to Colchester and alongside a range of Roman and early British remains. So look out for Roman coins, pottery pieces and medieval silver pennies.

Water: this is available from standpipes around the site during the growing season but is switched off over the winter to prevent frost damage. There is a rainwater butt that fills from the roof of the steel shed, and a butt on the clubhouse – you can get water here if you don’t have a butt on your plot. We would encourage all those with sheds to fit a butt. Mains water is potentially going to be either a chargeable item or withdrawn, so we as a tenant body must do what we can to minimise mains water usage. . Please use the water responsibly. Never leave hoses running unsupervised. Never use sprinklers.

The most up-to-date site map can be found posted on the council web-site.

An older version is posted below (c1976)!