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Next bonfire Saturday Nov 2nd  at Noon 
We burned all three heaps on Tuesday, despite the rain! Thanks to the usual dedicated pyromaniacs.
So there is space to bring along all your burnable debris – Raspberry etc canes, tree prunings ..., rotten wood whatever would be better burned than composted.
Please bring your burnable stuff to the bonfire area, over the next weeks. Don’t dump it on the green waste pile!
If you can spare a few minutes to drag burnable stuff off the green pile onto the bonfire, that would tidy up and improve the heaps. They are spilling out over the driveway and need pushing back.
Date subject to change at the short notice if there is too much weather to make it unsafe or too smoky for neighbours.
Foodbank collection is now finished for the season, we done great but we will pause it now until next harvesting season.
The Foodbank Organiser has sent us their thanks for all the good things we have helped them to distribute. Thanks to donators and deliverers!
An email received from St Albans Food Banks thanking FLAG members for their contributions is copied below.
Manure and compost delivery will happen around 17th October, we have collected orders well over £1,300. Ayletts will be delivering to site, as was the case last year, but collection arrangements will be changing due to the total size of the order. Ann Rogers will be emailing all those who have placed orders shortly with more details. 
Kings Seed Catalogues are still available for collection in the Clubhouse. Make sure you take a green order form as well as the book. Your FLAG subscription pays for your membership of the Kings Seeds Scheme (via membership of the National Allotments Society) so get your order in soon and benefit from the discounts available on all seed and sundries prices.




When you have an adjacent neglected plot which has been left for too long, what can you do?


Firstly TELL ANNE to make sure FLAG knows about the problem. 

Then we will try to contact the plot tenant and ask if there is anything that can be done to help them, or if they are ready to give up the plot. 

If that fails, Anne has produced a model letter to send to the appropriate Councillor (and Phil Bruce-Green). It will quote from Anne’s records of past NonCultivation and Notice To Quit Orders to show there is a long-standing problem with the plot and ask for Council action. Please talk to Anne about this to make sure we do it right.

Kings Seeds catalogues are still available in the clubhouse, take one and send your order in now using the green form placed in each catalogue.

All Flag members are automatically members of NAS https://www.nsalg.org.uk/ so you can benefit from cheaper seeds via Kings.
We’ve taken delivery of several piles of leaves.

Please put any stones removed from your plot onto the main path/driveway, it gets very slippery in Winter!

Remember to throw all green waste to the back of the pile as rubbish is spilling back onto the pathway again.

Better still, compost your waste at one end of your plot.

Please email FLAG at flagmail@btinternet.com if you have any news items you would like to post on this site.