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Welcome to the Folly Lane Allotment Group (FLAG) web-site

AUTUMN FLAG Newsletter  
BBQ. Thanks to Brian for organising a very successful BBQ in September. Everyone had a good time.
Proposed Allotment rent increases. We joined a cross-town group of allotment sites and robustly discussed the council’s proposals for rent increases, mostly far too high in our view. The City Neighbourhood Committee have now passed a proposal for new rents to be only at the same rate of increase as inflation. This is a big success for our work as a pressure group, working together across the whole town.
Get your Kings Seed catalogues from the clubhouse (only available to FLAG members). Send your order directly to King’s Seeds and please make sure you quote ‘Folly Lane Allotment Group’ on your order (we get a small % returned to us).
 Autumn Leaves Deliveries need space. Please take your last year’s leaves from the right hand side of the pile to leave space clear for this year’s new deliveries. Old leaves make excellent mulch to overwinter on bare soil (hold them down with cardboard or mesh and bricks and let the worms do the work).
Bonfire Working Party December 9th.  Start at 10am, light up at 12 noon.
We are already starting a ‘rubbish wood’ pile at the end of the green waste tip. 
On the day we will pile up other burnable stuff from the green waste pile (raspberry canes, currant bushes, tree branches etc) then burn it all.
Green Waste Pile. Lots of the stuff on the pile could be composted on your plot and reused next year when it has rotted down. But if you must put it on the pile, PLEASE throw it to the back of the pile, don’t leave it by the roadway. 
Our AGM will be held on Wednesday, December 6th in St Michael’s Parish Room (same location as last year) starting at 19.45, doors open from 19.30. 
We will complete the meeting by 21.15. Do come along and share a glass and a nibble, talk about how the site is developing and what we should do next year!

 Best wishes for the season from your Committee.

Bob, Richard & Anne

Please email FLAG at flagmail@btinternet.com if you have any news items you would like to post on this site.